Ghepetto's Revenge EP

by Mike Desmond's Dead Horse

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Pioneering the lo-fi folk and conceptual DIY movement Mike Desmond's Dead Horse brings us the one man band's Debut EP, Ghepettos's Revenge. A wild mix of captivating imagery, delightfully haunting vocals, a driving playing style unto itself, and an underground sound that oozes character. Rich yet humble. Warm and real. Satisfying. No polish or make up on this one. More like a vintage mix tape to a long lost lover than the traditional showcase. Recored at various locations throughout the U.S. over the course of 2015. Using borrowed instruments, an old cassette four track and stomp boxes for effects (recorded and mixed without a computer) this EP brings us just a taste of what will be. And I for one am hungry for more. A truly refreshing mix of innovation and talent. I don't know where this troubadour is from but I know where he's going and I advise you to follow.

-Niko Konstantakus (SPIN)


released April 20, 2016

Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Desmond's Dead Horse

copyright 2015



all rights reserved


Mike Desmond's Dead Horse New Orleans, Louisiana

He became lost.

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Track Name: Ghepetto's Revenge
-improvised- #improvised
Track Name: I Spent a Lifetime (She Never Lived on the Rocks)
I spent a lifetime babe,
searching for the sea
and even tho i love my sugar
i can't seem to name this peace

i said live on babe
we're gonna find that gold
she even walked on the waves my sugar
i can't seem to name this war

why can't i wake on the long walk
evil can live like a guest
i think i'll even the railroad
if my sugar baby wish... oh

the weeks weave on i guess
her mind seems like a throne
i seem to live on regret woman
but i see the serpent shores

we gonna walk on the sand some
we gonna take our rest
she gonna pour me some
sugar baby the best

somebody stole the weather
i think ill just row forever

the months weave on i guess
the waters roadless roads
i think i row my best
when the anchor's low

we didn't fear all the weather
never envied the water
never mean to the feathers
of fate and sugar

breeze without walls aint dangerous
hail without falls painless

i stepped on the war sand
even to live like a man
i didn't even know it
she never loved on the rocks

the salt dries my bones
i can't feel my breath
sew me to your soul mama
the water makes us rich

like silver and gold
the salt dries my soul
she didn't live on the rocks
we didn't live on the rocks

yeah i aint fallin war
silver and gold
turn on everyone
turnin those rocks into gold
Track Name: The Scarecrow and the Shadow
oh the scarecrow hangs as he sangs to his shadows
i love the breeze that shakes my knees down to my elbows
and i do love my garden
growing like the autumn trees in the pines
oh mr breeze
would take some of these
stems twigs and leaves
thru the meadows and trees
cause i want them to feel and see
warm strawberries
the sweet cemeteries
crazy city streets
and the waters running free
but before you leave
let me say my peace
oh my friend thank you please

go stretch and stray like a twig dreams of arrows
you see if it was me then it would be scarecrows
everybody will help you discover what you set out to find
but it in mind
they might not be kind
they might make you pine
like the forest sighs
it might be fine
hell it might be better than mine

or come on home back to your fathers garden
or grow your own by some black waterside
everybody will thank you
for setting out for what you found out you could find
yeah keep it in time
wind chimes and wine
and nevermind
the hills steady inclines
just float on  byE
foreign shrines
i know you’ll be fine
you’ll get it right
and it might be
better than mine

i wear my bones like a cloak made of shadows
sit and sip on smoke casting stones towards the gallows
everybody will love you
and shatter the beating heart in your mind
just keep it in time
and keep it kind
with windy sunshine
with your achingly bright
lovely angels eyes
yeah you’ll fall from high
and sing a forest sigh
for miles and lives
for your every smile
so if you find
what set out to find
would you keep it
with mine
Track Name: Danny Boy (Letters from a Boat)
this oceans sails
in my little boat
and gives my old soul
a break
i can't seem to wait

Danny boy, the pipes, are calling
and rolling by, my door
is always,
we watched all night the waters shining
across the wide missouri

danny boy the pipes are falling
on my boat
but i, I've learned to float
like a leaf goin home
and when we dance in that sacred valley
ill bring the pipes with me